Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mark of the Devil (1970)

Fear 0/5
Gore 2/5
Entertainment 2/5
Creepiness 1/5
Grooviness 3/5

Rather than actually write out a review here, I thought it might be more fun to just copy my raw notes from watching the movie. And yes, I take notes while watching some movies. I'm a fucking pro buddy.

Some of these won't make sense unless you're watching this.

  • Oh, I guess we’re starting - ok
  • udo kier's ridiculous face
  • dude with hitler mustache?
  • bizarre teutonic folky soundtrack - mixed with psychedelia and erinco morricone (sp?)
  • dubbed- one of whom sounds like the awkward white neighbor from the Jeffersons
  • continuity errors - scar comes and goes on "albino"s face
  • running along in a field and laughing hysterically- running is so funny!
  • These hippies – sorry, I mean witches just want to live life in freedom
  • witch hunters as a metaphor for the "man"
  • one actor’s last name is “fux” and one is “fuchs” huh huh huh
  • violent- torture, stabbings, burning, stretching, chopping off fingers, tearing out tongues – nice
  • god, stop screaming already
  • oooh- eye gouging!
  • Is there a script?
  • really - udo kier is fucking weird looking
  • lecherous old men - really gross, sweaty etc.
  • message... jesus is mean

-Complaint Department


Lily Strange said...

I see we pretty well concur. I like bad horror movies--but this was a BAD horror movie. One of the crappiest I've seen, in fact.

Al Bruno III said...

This, much like CANNIBAL FEROX, is one of those horror movies I'm not sure if I want to see.

Yet oddly enough I thought MARTYRS was a good film...