Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We've Won An Award!

Cue the spotlight, an acceptance speech that includes the mention of our savior and with him all things are possible, Satan, and a grand pronouncement of 'I'm king of the world!' But seriously peeps, the Honest Scrap award has been bestowed upon us by our friend J Metro over at Midnite Media.

Here's how this gets passed along:

1) Link back to the awarder's site-- Finito!
2) Pass the award on to 10 other blogger sites that are deserving --See below
3) Spit out 10 honest things about yourself-- I'll do 5 for me and 5 for Complaint Dept.

Here it goes:

10 totally awesome sites:
  • The Vault of Horror: B-Sol over at the Vault is a totally down to earth dude and his site is great for all things horror related. I don't know how he does it between work, managing two blogs, Twittering, AND providing the horror nerd community with top notch interviews and news stories. I'm convinced that he's cloned himself with someone 1/8 his size. MuahHaHahaha.

  • Day of the Woman: Ditto with Ms. BJ-C. She's totally down to earth and gut bustingly funny and brash (something we love and appreciate here at Planet of Terror). A blog that promotes the feminine side of fear. She also coined the phrase 'Twatlight'.

  • Tower Farm Reviews: A duo of goofy brothers, their reviews are always hilarious and top notch. They spend way more time with a shitty movie than I would but their attention to detail ensures that we won't make the same movie watching mistake that they did. Unless of course the movie was actually good. Like Beyond the Door.

  • Musings Across A Continuum: Ms. Harker writes about anything horror related that tickles her fancy and does so with great eloquence and grace. And sometimes with a tad bit of ickiness. The best Australian export since Crocodile Dundee.

  • The Beyond: Soap Magic over at The Beyond is not your typical 13 year old. While most teenage dudes his age are worrying about their swoop haircuts and girl jeans, mastering the latest Rock Band 27, or starting a really bad emo crunk group, he is reporting his results on watching the latest and all-time greatest horror movies while also sharing with us his own original ideas for potential horror films. Bravo kid!

  • Monster Land: Monster Scholar writes about her love of monsters in horror films and books and does so with incredible knowledge and finesse. Seriously, its insanely ridiculous how much she knows about monsters, their mythos, and where they fit into the overall bodies of work in both cinema and literature. Test her knowledge, I dare you.

  • Final Girl: What's there left to say about this amazingly awesome blogger that hasn't been said before? She's almost done conquering the penultimate goal of any horror nut (making her own movie, see here). How she manages to continue to make nothing but quality posts on her own blog AND write for American Movie Classics AND film her own movie, I'll never know. Maybe her and B-Sol share the same clones.....

  • Horror-Movie-A-Day: Always great reviews that also touch upon the production values of the films themselves (which he is fully capable of speaking about since its kind of his day job), BC has made it his personal quest to watch at least one horror film a day. I could spend hours finding movies (and their reviews) on his site that I have never even heard about. I still wonder how he comes across the gems that he does.

  • Midnite Media: J Metro has his own hip and beatnick persona that is fully displayed with equal amounts of wit and sarcasm. Reviewing just about anything and everything that he fancies (with more of a nod towards horror), his writing is top notch. You dig?

  • Latin Horror: Blog of Pheare: Last but not least, a blog dedicating itself to exposing us to the latest and greatest in Latin horror cinema. Much like the French and Japanese scenes, the Latin one is burgeoning with new talent and great films. Mira pronto!

OK, so now 10 things about us:

Cortez the Killer:

1. I'm extremely scared of spiders and won't hesitate to scream like a girl if I encounter one.

2. I once let my two little cousins watch Poltergeist when they were each about 6 or 7. Apparently this gave them nightmares for weeks and they are still scarred to this day.

3. I really do have a dog named Ozzy. I love heavy metal and will probably listen to hesher tunes, even when I'm 70.

4. I could eat mexican food 3 meals a day and I miss the hole in the wall joints from my hometown of San Diego. Go Chargers!

5. My first concert experience was Billy Ray Cyrus. Not by my choice, however.

Complaint Dept:

1. In addition to his fondness for horror movies, he has a varied and eclectic taste in music. Its amazing how much he knows about music and how awesome his taste is.

2. He has the raddest high school year book picture. Ever. I'm not posting it, you will just have to take my word for it.

3. Also a fellow hesher and punk rocker, he's been in a handful of really awesome and influential bands. He's a pretty modest dude but I'll tell you that he's made some really incredible music.

4. Has some of the most amazing stories that involve going to rock n' roll shows, including one about witnessing Henry Rollins throwing some dude across a floor.

5. Was once hit on by Rob Halford of Judas Priest. No joke. He was so star struck that it didn't register what was happening until he invited him to a little soiree with some friends of his.

OK, that's it for now. Thanks to all our readers and fellow blogger friends. You keep on a readin' and we'll keep on a postin'!!

Cortez the Killer


Ms Harker said...

How delightful to be included in such auspicious company, I would like to thank Dracula, Satan of course and my new plaything Eric Northman! Planet Terror you have made my otherwise anus of a day special!


Planet of Terror said...

You are mighty welcome! Great acceptance speech, BTW :)