Friday, August 7, 2009

Deadly Friend (1986)

Fear 2/5
Creepiness 2/5
Gore 3/5
Entertainment 5/5

From Director Wes Craven, comes this silly and fun tale about a whiz kid who's new to town along with his single mother. He's there to study robotics and human brainwave emulation at the local college. Along with his robot pet he's constructed called Beebee, the next door neighbor girl he falls for (played by the OG Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
Kristy Swanson) and a local kid who has a delivery route in the 'hood, all four become close friends. Beebee is the protector of the group, warding off the local street gang and the nasty hag of a neighbor who keeps her home gated off and locked down like Ft. Knox.

After awhile, you gain a sense that something just isn't quite right with Beebee. He gets Predator vision when he sees something he doesn't like (the neighborhood bullies, the old bitty, etc.). Beebee looks similar to the Robie toy I used to beg my parents for when I was a kid and he sounds like a cross between a yub nub Ewok and one of the nyuck nyuck 3 Stooges.

Anywhos, one day the kids decide to play a prank on the old hag (portrayed by the mind blowingly ugly and 12 pack a day sounding Anne Ramsey) on Halloween night. Beebee breaks the lock to the fence that lines the perimeter of the house which gets the kids in. Buffy trys to partake in a little door bell ditching action but instead, sets off an alarm on the front porch. The inconceivably ugly hag whips open the front door, busts out her double barreled shot gun and unloads a few caps into Beebee, blowing the bleeping and blooping robot to bits.

The whiz kid holds onto the microchip that ran his tin can friend and lazily mopes about for the next few days. Buffy comes over to hang with him, despite the constant dismay of her alcoholic and abusive father. Along with his mother, he invites her over to his house for Thanksgiving dinner. Her father had passed out on the couch anyways so no worries right? Big mistake. She comes home after dinner and the father rants and raves, calling her a slut and straight up launches a right hook at the top of the stairs. Upon impact, she tumbles all the way down and is knocked completely unconscious.

The kids and mother rush to the hospital only to find that her brain is hemorrhaging pretty badly and that there is virtually no way to save her. The doc instructs the whiz that he is going to have to take her off life support later that night. The whiz goes back home and sneaks out later, returning to the hospital with the chip that powered Beebee. He does a little slice and dice action and implants the chip into Buffy. As anticipated, she comes back, just not as he had expected.....

This movie is a lot of fun and surprisingly, it contained a couple of really awesome gore scenes. One of which includes the best head explosion this side of Scanners. Buffy goes back to the old bitties house to exact revenge and lazer fires a basketball that she had stolen from them and her head explodes like a William Tell arrow through an apple.

In addition, many scenes during the film were reminiscent of Craven's other work, A Nightmare on Elm Street. A dream sequence that plays out in the beginning is overly bloody like the one in the original ANOES and when Buffy comes back to beat down dear old dad, his head gets burned to a fiery crisp a la you know who. After all, like the film's tagline goes: 'Not all nightmares happen on Elm Street'.

Cortez the Killer


Lily Strange said...

That really is a fun one. I'll have to step into the way-back machine one of these nights here and share some good old fashioned horror with a dash of humor with my own spawn.
I love Anne Ramsey. Not only does she make me feel pretty, oh so pretty, but she is a great character actress.

Planet of Terror said...

Agreed, great character actress and probably one of the most recognizable voices in cinema history. What she wasn't given in looks...

It is definitely a hoot and I had forgotten about it until I came across it on Cinemageddon. Check it out yo.