Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Midnight Movie (2008)

Fear 2/5
Gore 4/5
Entertainment 3/5
Creepiness 2/5
Part of The Movie Channel's Splatterday (its a mash-up of splatter and Saturday, get it?) lineup, Midnight Movie is a fun take on the slasher genre even though its littered with plot holes and stereotypical trappings.
The film starts off with a guy in a psych ward who is shown a horror movie which stars himself as the main baddy in an effort to rehabilitate him. He goes cuckoo nutzoids and starts killing off patients and nurses alike, leaving behind trails and pools of blood that form satanic looking images. After killing all inhabitants, he says adios to his digs and skeedaddles.
Flash forward five years, and the local second run movie theater is getting set to premiere the film at one of its midnight showings. The local detective seems to think that the psych ward dude will be coming back to create a mess for all movie goers. Along with the detective, we have a group of dopey teens (which also includes their friends who are employed by the theater) and a biker guy who looks like Zakk Wylde , along with his co-riding biker beotch.
The movie starts to role and kicks off in familiar territory: a van full of hippie teens breaks down while they are on a road trip, passing through the countryside. They find help from a woman in an old house who offers to let them use her phone. Her son, who's working out of the basement, comes up, sporting a skull mask and an oversized corkscrew looking knife. He starts killing off the kids in the film and then turns his attention to everyone in the audience.
In more ways than one, this movie is reminiscent of the extremely awful Last Action Hero (minus an Austrian accent), with the kids getting pulled into and exiting out of the movie while being hacked away at by the killer. The killer also goes back and forth between both worlds, ridding of both sets of kids and the other movie goers with his nifty corkscrew knife. An interesting slasher toting device to be sure, but the film never answers a multitude of questions with the main one being why is this film 'haunted' and why did the psych ward who stars in it go cuckoos after watching it? Apparently the role he played took such a toll on him that it sent him to the loony bin and the two personalities merged as one. At least thats what I made out of it.
Despite the gaping plot hole, this movie is a ton o' fun. It takes awhile for things to get going, but when they do, manually drilled knife holes are the order for the day and our skull masked antagonist doles them out left and right. Definitely a fun and completely mindless affair.
Cortez the Killer

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