Friday, June 5, 2009

Trick Or Treat (1986)

Fear 0/5
Gore 0/5
Entertainment 5/5
Creepiness 0/5
Metal Factor 5/5

Is there any better combination in the world than horror movies and metal? Peanut butter & jelly, beer & pizza, Italian food & red wine, tequila & Mexican food. I think not. Chances are, if you aren't in love with both, you won't really dig this film.

Trick Or Treat stars that nerdy dude from Family Ties who's obsessed with all things metal and in particular, one guy who looks like a cross between Tommy Lee and CC Deville. He's the a-typical outcast at school, bullied by the jocks. Ironically enough, the movie reminds me of my buddy and fellow writer on this here interwebs blog, Complaint Dept. He told me about the douchey jocks at his high school and how they all frowned upon heavy metal but at the same time, 'jocked' Guns N' Roses. Yeah, these guys kind of fit that mold.

He wakes up one morning finding out that his rock hero was killed in a hotel fire. Totally bummed, he visits one of his only buddies, a local radio jockey (played by the over marketed, dollars constantly in his eyeballs, douchebag extraordinaire, Gene Simmons--I've never liked KISS, btw). The jockey tells him that he has the only copy of the last record made by said rock dude and he plans on playing it at midnight on Halloween. He gives the record to the nerdy kid as he's already made a taped version.

So nerdy kid pines for the one girl in his school he knows he can't have. She invites him to a late night pool party, and he's promptly thrown into the pool with a weight that's been tied to his backpack by one of the jock-a-roos. He's rescued from the pool by the girl, he storms out, and vows revenge. He goes home that night, plays the record and of course, by spinning it backwards a message is revealed and the rocker dude comes back from the grave.

A ridiculously silly affair, virtually no blood or gore, but high on the metal and rock out factor, I can't totally recommend this unless you are a huge fan of metal. If you just like horror movies, you are going to think this is an absolute stinker. But I love every minute of this flick. Everyone's favorite and now infamous money grubbing icon, Ozzy Osbourne also makes an appearance as a TV evangelist, talking about the sins of listening to rock music. Oh the irony!

As I type this, I'm listening to the most recent Mastodon album 'Crack the Skye' for the umpteenth time. Fucking brilliant.

Cortez the Killer


Cheesecake said...

You don't need to like heavy metal to like Trick or Treat; I'm a living example! I think it's similar to The Karate Kid, but with boobs and f-bombs. Great film!

Cortez the Killer said...

OK, I relent. It is pretty damn awesome.