Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Life Form Or Clever Viral Campaign?

The internets.com is a flutter today over a mysterious video posted which shows a camera as it captures a series of pulsating, Contra boss-like larvae sacks, lined on the walls of an underground sewer system.

Real or just a clever marketing scheme? Various interwebs message boards have comments that seem all too strangely similar, word for word even. I'm guessing viral campaign vs. alien invaders.

Nonetheless, the video is pretty creepy.

Cortez the Killer


Zacery Nova said...

Blatantly viral marketing.

S'good though!

- Zac

Bill said...

The Blob?

Planet of Terror said...

Hmmmm, a remake has been bandied about since 2007.

Strange, the video has been removed by the user on YouTube.

Planet of Terror said...

I found a new link and re-posted.

-- Cortez the Killer