Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sheitan (2006)

Fear 2/5
Gore 2/5
Entertainment 2/5
Creepiness 3/5

I'm not purposefully watching and reviewing every French horror movie made in the last couple of years just because I've been so damn blown away lately. For some reason or another, that's just the way my NetFlix queue has shaked out. Unlike Inside and Martyrs, this film is a little harder to digest. And when you start to dwell on it more and more, your brain will start to hurt.

Sheitan (aka Satan in French) starts off in familiar territory: a group of young twenty somethings are partying it up late one night in a club. One of the dudes falls head over heels for a girl he meets and she invites him and his cohorts to her home in the countryside for a little after party. Uh oh spaghetti-o's!

So of course the guy is jonesin' with a major hard on and let's his wee wee lead the way. The group of friends drive out and along the way, run into the caretaker of the estate/farm. He's tending to a herd of goats and one of them particularly sticks out like a sore thumb, looking like it leaped off the cover of a Venom album (foreshadowing???).

They drive up to the house and head inside, noticing that there is a vast array of dolls strewn about. The girl explains that her father was a dollmaker. The house itself is pretty creepy with long and narrow hallways but the group of kids never seem to be bothered by the looks of it. They sit down with the caretaker, the girl, and her mongoloid little brother (again, the group of kids aren't fazed a bit) and the caretaker begins to tell them a story about a guy who was rebellious and carefree just like them. He knocked up his sister and at the stroke of midnight, a 'special' baby was born.

After the telling of the story, the film takes many twists and turns and has about 2 subplots going on. All of which are difficult to follow and understand. We meet the other members of their family, all are deformed and inbred, one of which is also pregnant. The only logical explanation that I could come up with was that the caretaker was actually referring to himself in the story and that he had knocked up his own sister. The clock strikes 12 at the end of the movie and we are lead to believe that the woman gave birth to little baby Lucifer. But in between, there is a dream sequence in which one of the club kids thinks the whole happenings weren't real and another subplot involving the caretaker and his hellbent obsession with wanting to gouge the eyes out of one of the club kids to make a doll for the newest member of his brood. All of this leading to one hell of a convoluted mess of a film.

Upon doing some research on the film, the director was heavily influenced by his use of LSD and reading of comic books. That explains a lot! This movie had loads of potential and did a good job of creating a creepy atmosphere. But ultimately it fell flat on its face with its own lofty ambitions (whatever that may have been). A real head scratcher for sure.

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g said...

hello, i just want to add an information about this movie. I'm french and sheitan means satan in arab, not in french ;)
thank you for your blog. I discover a lot a good movies

Planet of Terror said...

Thank you for the info., I had no idea. I appreciate the kinds words.