Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Final Destination (2000)

Fear 5/5 - Mainly because I HATE flying
Gore 3/5
Entertainment 4/5
Creepiness 2/5
Everytime this movie comes on cable TV or one of the premium channels, I can't help but watch. Call it a guilty pleasure. Is there anything better than watching a bunch of douchey teens being dispensed in cool and inventive ways? I think not.
Long story short, a dude gets a premonition right before his senior trip. He goes nutso in the airport and it spooks some of the kids when they head on to the plane, just before take off. They freak out and hop off. The plane done gets blowns up as soon as it takes off and the handful of kids that stayed behind survive. But then, death comes back to knock on their door.
So the absolute fun in this film is seeing how the kids get offed and the carnage that ensues. I've seen all of the films in the series and the plots are so thinly veiled: one had to do with a horrible traffic accident and the other had to do with a rollercoaster at an amusement park that goes haywire. Overall, it makes me giddy with delight to see dorky kids knocked off in over-the-top and silly ways. Plus Stiffler gets shit canned in this movie, having his head removed by a piece of shrapnel that is ran over and sent airborne by a passing train (seriously, is there not a better example of a dude that will forever be type-casted by one role than this guy?).
Apparently, there is a 3D sequel coming out called The FINAL Destination. How clever.
Cortez the Killer


BJ-C said...

Those movies get a bad rap, but the beginnings are always mindblowingly awesome. I still to this day will say that the car crash in Final Destination 2 is the best car crash in cinematic history. I don't care if the rest of the film is lame, those openings are BRILLIANT.

and yes, i always check my little tray things on planes to see if the top will break before we take off because of those films.

Planet of Terror said...

Totally agreed, love the openings as well.

I still get the image of the plane imploding in air just about EVERY time I take off. God I hate flying.

Complaint Dept said...

There is something admirable about how meticulously complex the death scenes are. It's similar to Argento, but without the style and "art". But yeah, I love these movies too. Even the sequels.