Monday, April 6, 2009

Prom Night (2008)

Fear 0/5
Gore 0/5
Entertainment 1/5
Creepiness 0/5

Some movies you go into with the understanding that it will suck. The 2008 remake of Prom Night (apparently known as "TV Dinner" in the Philippines??) is one such movie. And sometimes, you want a film to suck really bad so that you can laugh at it and write a really funny review of it on your ding-dongy little blog that no one reads other than the other people that write on it. The 2008 remake of Prom Night let me down here.

Prom Night is shitty, without a doubt, but more than that it's just boring. There is nary a drop of blood, there are no scares, there are no fun plot twists, and there isn't even a goofy back story involved to try and make things a bit more entertaining. It's just dumb and boring.

The bulk of the film is spent with a group of teenagers going to prom and talking a lot, dancing, and going in an out of their hotel room. Really, those three things are 3/4 of this film.

Story: Teacher becomes obsessed with average looking bimbo student, kills her family and is sent to jail. Average bimbo student goes to prom and crazy teacher breaks out of jail, stalks her and kills a few people while trying (not very hard) to get her. The world's dumbest police force continues to let him slip through their fingers and he gets shot by the new boss on The Office and the movie ends. All the while a tepid and family friendly rock soundtrack never stops playing underneath the scenes.

I just don't understand the concept of bloodless, scareless horror movies. It's like putting a Nissan Sentra engine into a Dodge Viper. If you're going to do something, do it right, do it to the max. Sheesh.

I'm not going to spend my time copying the trailer here.

- Complaint Dept


Cortez the Killer said...

I really tried hard to review this the other day. To no avail. Its simply one of the worst 'horror' movies I've ever seen. But what's up with the mention of posting on our dopy little blog and we're the only ones reading? I saw one person who's subscribed to us the other day when I logged in. Great success!

Complaint Department said...

Ok - you, me, Hex, occasionally Beard and that other person. Other Person - thanks.