Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't Panic! (1988)

Fear 2/5
Gore 2/5
Entertainment 4/5
Creepiness 2/5

Mexico decides to throw its hat into the slasher ring with this super ridiculous and cheese-dick-a-fied affair from 1988. A group of white teens (I have no idea what a bunch of goofball white teenagers are doing, living in the middle of Mexico City) get together and decide to bust out a oujia board at a house party. The kids try and coax an ancient evil spirit out of hiding, but seemingly, to no avail.

The kids leave the party and days later, the teen who threw the house party starts having visions (his eyes gloss over, he loses sight and they turn a deep shade of crimson red). He has a first person view as a man starts hacking away at one of his friends. After the first murder, he comes to find out that all of his friends that were in the house that night are being targeted by some unknown figure and one by one they begin to meet their demise at his hands.

It's revealed that the main antagonist (and douchebag) extraordinaire at the party, is the one who is being inhabited by the ancient evil demon spirit that was being drawn out of hiding. His buddy who's having visions is tasked with warning his friends about the demon host and he is alerted a couple hours before the killings take shape. In his quest to stop the murderous spree, he learns that he needs to destroy the demon with the mythical knife that he uses to kill his victims (why the hell does an evil demon need a knife?).

So the kid runs around in his pajamas for most of the film, awaking with visions at night, with a need to warn his friends about an hour before midnight. And what says demon slayer more than a one piece pajama suit? Ironically enough, I had the exact same dinosaur print pajama set when I was a kid and remember it vividly. Cornball dialogue (the hallmark of any decent slasher film) abounds, some decent amount of blood deployed but not very much by way of gore. A fun affair to be sure but mostly for the over the top cheese and dopey love story between our main hero and his high school sweetie. A funny scene towards the beginning when he asks her out for breakfast, they ditch school, and they end up at an ice cream parlor. The breakfast of champions!

A movie that's hard to find (try Cinemageddon) and very obscure to the point where I couldn't find images on Google (ironically, the aforementioned cheesy love scene is the only video from the movie that I could find on YouTube). Apparently its part of a Crypt of Terror, South of the Border DVD set, according to Dread Central.

Cortez the Killer

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