Thursday, February 26, 2009

Horror Remix

A couple years ago, me and a friend of mine were talking about our mutual love for horror movies at a backyard barbecue. We talked about the fact that you have to get through about 30 or so flicks before you find one truly awesome gem. It was during this discussion that he mentioned to me his idea for an evening of gore-tastic, so bad its good fun. It would be essential for it to contain a bountiful plethora of t&a and enough (un)intentional humor and ridiculous dialogue to keep the audience rolling for hours. Afterall, the horror genre is filled with movies like this and campy dialogue and theatrics are pretty par for the course. What if I spliced and diced each movie? He asked. I bare the brunt of the burden in watching all of these really aweful movies so that the audience doesn't have to and then I only show them all the good meat and potato parts. Horror Remix was born.
Last night was his best yet, intermingling some of the worst films ever committed to celluloid involving dolls and puppets. I'm not going to give a blow by blow review of each (check out his website you dummy). However, he truly saved the best for last. Never was there a better definition of low budget than the masterpiece that is Black Devil Doll From Hell. And the doll does the nasty with a gal that is way too into bumping uglies with a ghetto Pinocchio. Yes you read that right. A girl has mind blowing sex with a puppet. Just imagine for a moment what that looks like on screen. It was like a really bad 70's porno flick.
Going on for about two years now, running his own blog, podcast, and various shows at movie houses, EJ Anttila has created something unique and all its own. He's even won a Best Of award from the Dallas Observer. Do yourself a favor and check out his website. And if you are ever in Dallas, Houston or Austin, maybe you will be lucky enough to catch one of his shows. Combining 3-4 movies, interspersing it with an awesome sound track and additional visuals, and wrapping it up with a nice bow with his hilarious duo of puppet reviewers/commentators, a night of Horror Remix is definitely a great night of fun and escapism. He truly out does himself with each and every event and I have no idea how on satan's green earth he finds some of these films. I can't wait to see what he does next.

Cortez the Killer

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