Friday, February 13, 2009

Automaton Transfusion (2006)

Fear 2
Gore 5
Entertainment 5
Creepiness 2

Blockbuster Video has this new line of horror films under the title of Dimension Extreme. From what I've seen so far, most of the flicks have been fairly solid. And this is a pretty good addition to the line.

Automaton Transfusion is a standard run of the mill zombie flick: town deals with zombie infestation, group of teens band together to fight them off, the government is somehow involved and there are plenty of scenes of over the top gore. Should be a recipe for success for most zombie movies but even though this seems fairly simple in execution, most just don't cut the mustard. Definitely not the case with Automaton Tranfusion.

So there are really no additional details to expand upon regarding the plot elements of the flick. What really carries the film is the originality is some of the zombie kill scenes. Zombies dispense of people in pretty ingenious ways and the same can be said for the same disposal of these walking carcasses. In one pretty brazen scene(as in 'holy shit, I've never seen that done before') a zombie shows up at some dudes house party, a pregnant woman answers the door (what she's doing at a teenage house party, who knows) and the zombie proceeds to rip out the unborn fetus in brutal fashion. And to top it all off, the zombie consumes its newly found meal in front of the screaming woman. Absolutely genious and brutal.

The only bad thing that can be said about the film is the ending. Overall, its a pretty low budget flick and you get the feeling that maybe the makers ran out of coin. Or maybe they have an idea for a stellar sequel. Either way, zombie flicks are (mostly) good, mindless fun. This movie has lots of servings and some overall really awesome effects. Great popcorn movie for a Friday night.

Cortez the Killer

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Planet of Terror said...

Interesting that Blockbuster, whose exclusive partnership with The Weinstein Company gives them exclusive distribution of this and many other gore-fests, has repeatedly bowed to the American Family Association by refusing to stock NC-17 films. They continue to promote themselves as a "family oriented business".

So I guess there is some enjoyable irony in the fact that the scene of a fetus being ripped from the belly of a woman and devoured is being produced, at least indirectly, by the wacko Christians that man the AFA. And I do mean "Man".

Good job protecting me from boobs. Now hurry up and hand over my ticket to salvation - I have to return The Reanimator before noon.

- Complaint Dept.