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Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

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Cannibal Holocaust is one of those films that I've always heard about but have never got around to watching. Always in folks' top gross-out and shocking films of all time, I surprisingly found a newly released edition (from the folks at Grindhouse Releasing) at Best Buy and decided to fork over my 20 bones to get a copy (I like rolling the dice sometimes with my horror movie purchases). After watching the film, I can definitely say its worth its weight in truly shocking and disturbing scenes and its not a film that I will likely pop in on a nice, relaxing Sunday afternoon.

The film centers on an expedition sent into the South American jungle to track down a missing group of college kids who set out to make a documentary on the native flesh eaters of the region. The group stumbles upon the native peeps for the first time and a partcularly brutal scene sets the stage for the rest of the film. One of the native dudes has what appears to be a stone fashioned penile device and proceeds to insert it repeatedly into a muddied, naked woman. Pretty gruesome. It's all down hill from here folks.

So the expedition sent out to find the college kids stumble on the camera that the kids used to film their travels and hop on a plane back to New York. The expeditioners then watch the film and all its gory details. The latter half of the film, in its documentary and grainy style, is very reminiscent of the Blair Witch Project and I'm sure this film had an influence on its directors. Anyways, the subesequent scenes that are shown are no less gnarly and gory as the openinig one: including a particularly brutal scene involving the tearing apart of a land turtle, completely ripping it from its shell.

Apparently when the film was released, the director and producer were arrested as many folks believed that the actors were actually killed during the making of the film (yes, its that realistic). Coupled with the fact, as I found out during some research on the film, that they actually DID kill the animals that were brutally slaughtered in the film. And somewhere along the line, there was a message about modern day society and the fact that there was still a cannibalistic culture secluded from the day to day trappings of 'real life.' But that message was totally lost on me.

I can say I've watched the film but I probably won't go back to it for some time. Its that gnarly. The real-ness of it is probably the biggest sticking point. And the over the top slaughtering of animals kind of gets to me too. Certainly not a film to be watched over and over again.

I'm off to see My Bloody Valentine 3D today. Rotten Tomatoes is rating it pretty high which makes me uber stoked. Not too mention that the original was one of my favorite slasher flicks from the 80's. I'll keep you posted.

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Planet of Terror said...

Being a good vegetarian, I have never watched this film simply because I don't want to support anything that involves the actual death of things. I'm not sure if that makes me lame as shit or totally awesome, but there it is. - Complaint D