Friday, December 19, 2008

Ils (2006)

Fear 3
Gore 1
Entertainment 4
Creepiness 3

Hard to say whether or not The Strangers is a remake of this small French creep-out. They are remarkably similar in all kinds of ways. Both are supposedly based on true events, both sets of events are impossible to verify. Both are about a couple trapped in a remote location being terrorized by a small group of people for absolutely no reason at all. Both have a gritty, 70's style tone that's sleazy and low-budge, but maintain style and great tension. Both are scary with minimal gore and both are grim and depressing. So, you be the judge. No scratch that - I'll be the judge: these are the same movie.

But I've already reviewed The Strangers. I liked it. Ils I also liked. The story is very simple: a French couple moves to Romania where one teaches and one writes. The day ends, they hang out a bit and head off to bed. Then they are terrorized by some shady, hidden and creepy dudes for the rest of the film. It's really that simple. And, of course, that is why it works.

Once this film kicks in, it basically stays balls to the wall until the end. It's dark and spooky, with jolts and scares that can be seen coming from miles away- but still get you. It plays off the fact that a) this is a true story (doubtful) and b) this could happen to anyone at anytime (mmmm, yeah ok.)

If you like your horror tense, dark, creepy and frankly, scary, you'll like this one. If you don't like movies that are in French...maybe not.

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Cortez the Killer said...

The metal pin through the key hole got me.