Sunday, June 15, 2008

Night of the Creeps (1985)

Fear 0/5
Gore 2/5
Creepiness 0/5
Entertainment 3/5

The obvious inspiration for Slither, Night of The Creeps is directed by the same guy that made Monster Squad. So it's no surprise that it's a little tame for a zombie movie, though there is still a fair amount of blood and exploding heads to have kept me happy.

I think the main guy also played Rusty in European Vacation. And the guy that plays the tough talkin' detective overacting his cheesy, hammy ass all through the film has been in some other stuff as well.

Night of the Creeps starts in the 1950s when a meteor crashes to Earth and a bunch of enormous slug things come crawling out of the crater and begin to start burrowing their way into people's brains - turning them into flesh craving, murderous zombies. Flash forward to the 80s where the preppy students of some college chug beer, comb their enormous blond hairdos and conform to every stereotype ever written in the book of John Hughes. Two dorks are having a hard time fitting in, one of whom, in an attempt to woo a dopey girl, talks the other one into trying to join a fraternity.

The jocks in the frat tell them that they have to steal a corpse from the medical lab and leave it propped up somewhere that'll freak people out. So, the two dorks wind up in the lab where they run across the frozen body of some dude in his choneez, encased in a glass pod straight from an Ed Wood film. They immediately thaw him out and run in terror when his hand grasps on to one of the kids legs. From here, all heck breaks loose.

As zombies start running around town, their heads splitting open to release slugs that fly through the air into people's mouths, the cops call in this haggard old detective who dealt with this exact same stuff back in the 50's. Eventually, Rusty from Euro Vacation and haggard alcoholic copper team up for the big show down that includes a zombie puppy, a flame thrower, a healthy dose of claymation and some kick ass 80's synth pop.

Yes, it's a winner. The alternate ending can be found on YouTube and frankly, I like it much more than the original ending. In fact, I think the entire movie might be on YouTube.

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