Friday, February 1, 2008

Stay Alive (2007)

Fear - 0/5
Gore - 0/5
Entertainment - 1/5
Creepiness - 0/5

Stay Alive is a movie about "kids" (like the ugly one from Malcolm in the Middle) that are dying and realize that their deaths occur because of a video game. If they die in the video game, they die in real life.

I definitely played Solitaire the whole time I had this movie on, but I'll give you this: you've seen it. It was called Final Destination, but instead of "evil" killing the teens of, it's the ghost of Elizabeth Bathory, but she's in a video game. It's not mind-blowing. It's dumb. And there's very little blood. And Final Destination was better, so watch that instead.

BUT - it looks like it would be a fun videogame, so maybe they will base a videogame off of it? Or maybe they have - I don't really care all that much.
If you're still thinking about watching it - know this: there is a gothy type (of course) in the movie and her name is October. Just puttin' it out there.


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