Saturday, February 9, 2008

Murder Party (2007)

Fear 1/5
Gore 4/5
Entertainment 4/5
Creepiness 2/5

What an unexpected surprise this little number was. Glaring at me from the endless walls at Blockbuster, it screamed 'Rent Me!' as my eyes scanned the never ending sea of faux wooden display cases. A dude in a cardboard knight's suit wielding a bloody, double wammy delight of chainsaws? Count me the fuck in.

A lonely guy runs into a mysterious party invitation on Halloween as he comes home from another day of getting shat upon as the local parking cop. Enticing him to join in the evening's 'exclusive' festivities, the man runs home to whip up a costume for the evening. Taking cardboard to new heights, he fashions a silly (and awesome) knight's costume and decides to get into the mood by making a loaf of pumpkin bread for the party goers.

Upon entering an abandoned factory, he comes to find out that the other party peeps have plans for the dude who seems to be the only invitee. As they indulge in sex, booze and drugs, we learn that they are all aspiring artists and our main character, is going to be the main subject in their masterpiece of artistic expression. Each of the costumed artists (we have a werewolf, 80's jazzerciser, a dude in makeup and baseball outfit a la The Warriors, a cheerleader and another clown dressed as a pseudo Heffner), bitterly bicker over how to kill the guy and in their own drunken, drugged up and psychotic moments, they accidentally start killing each other.

I can't tell if the commentary of this film is set out to make fun of artsy, pseudo- intellectuals or not but it sure seems that way. The dialogue is truly awful but the moments of gore between the cheerleader getting knocked upside the head, werewolf dude getting lit on fire (and his face subsequently turning into pepperoni pizza) were pretty icky. The highlight of the film, after all the twisted, artsy fartsy party goers off themselves, involves our hero (the knight dude) finally getting away from his captors and being chased by the only guy still left in the mix--the Warriors baseball guy. Hunting him down and stumbling into a new art exhibit (oh the irony), the grand finale has enough motorized carnage that would make Tobi Hooper jealous.

Fun, silly, over the top and gorrific-ly delicious, Murder Party is golden. Grab a bowl of candy corn and enjoy.

Cortez the Killer

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