Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Damien: Omen II (1978)

Fear 0/5
Gore 2/5
Entertainment 2/5
Creepiness 1/5

If you get about an hour into this and start thinking "have I seen this before?", rest assured you're not nuts. You have seen it - it was called The Omen. This is just the same movie rewritten with an older son of Satan, new parents to off, new disciples to be protected by and new ways to kill people. There are times when it really feels like the writers just erased a couple lines from the original script and added in slightly different ones. It's not a bad movie, but you have seen it and the lack of creativity is disappointing.

When we last saw Damien, aka the Antichrist, he was smiling a satanic grin back at the audience while attending his parents funeral. Now, a grimy little pre-teen with a sweet bowl haircut, Damien lives with his rich uncle and aunt in Chicago where he also attends a military academy. The rest you can figure out.

People begin to get wise that Damien is the spawn of Hell and they each try to warn Damien's uncle (played by William Holden) and aunt. Their claims being seen as crazy and outlandish, they are mocked and scoffed, and eventually die off one by one is a series of "mysterious" accidents. Meanwhile, some of those around Damien, begin to understand who he is and begin working to protect him. Lance Henriksen makes an early appearance in one of these roles.

Eventually, Damien's uncle "sees the light" and attempts to kill Damien himself, but is killed by his own wife who says something along the lines of "He's always controlled me" or something like that. Damien, being pure evil, winds up killing her as well - just for the hell of it (pun totally intended BWAAHHAHAHA).

Sound familiar?

Really, the only new twist is the struggle Damien has with his own destiny. It's short-lived however. After he runs a couple miles to wind up alone on a serene lake's dock, overlooking the sunset, he screams "Whyyyyyyy meeeeee??" and then, for the rest of the movie, is totally ok with his Satanic self.

Damien: Omen II could have been a great movie likes it's predecessor, but it's lack of originality, lack of creative kill scenes, lack of enthusiasm - general LACK OF everything brings it down. Still, watch for a great death scene involving Meshach Taylor, (yeah, the dude from Designing Women) the film's only real highlight.

- Complaint Department

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