Saturday, December 15, 2007

Antibodies (2005)

Fear 0/5
Gore 2/5
Entertainment 3/5
Creepiness 2/5
Nightmares 0/5

Heralded as a genre defining film, Antibodies is a German flick that is certainly entertaining but hardly breaks any new ground. The opening starts with a police raid on a run down apartment that is adorned with human 'paintings' that are fashioned out of body parts. The main proprietor, both bloody and nude, paces around his dingy apartment taunting the police officers as they stand outside. One by one he picks them off, firing off shotgun blasts and dispensing his intruders. As he is cornered, he makes a mad dash through the front door,down the hall and crashes through a window and falls a few stories and hits the ground with his man parts fluttering about. Cringe inducing indeed.

Anywhos, the obvious bad guy is captured and is taken to a police station where he is questioned about a series of killings. Apparently our accused serial killer has a penchant for teenage boys, having his way with them and then waxing them in extremely violent ways. Each one he collects an artifact from and houses them in a pseudo trophy wall.

We come to find out that a cop in a small town not too far from where the killer allegedly committed some of the crimes, is searching for a suspect in the death of a teenage girl and believes that the man captured is the 'guy'. The cop shows up and begins to try and build rapport and trust with the killer. The killer latches on to the cop only wanting to talk to him instead of the detectives who have been hounding him round the clock, day and night.

In so many instances in the film, primarily in the relationship of the killer and the cop, similarities could be seen with Silence of the Lambs. So much so that the killer makes a crack about Hannibal Lector, signaling that maybe the writer and director of the film thought that his film was almost TOO similar. So instead of Hannibal's cannibal fetish, we instead have a sick and twisted guy that likes little boys. Why then a dead girl you ask?

In the building of the relationship between the killer and the cop, we come to find out that the cop has a teenage boy who is a little disturbed. Flashing his wee wee to the girls at school, killing rabbits by impaling them on barbed wire, the dude has some issues. The cop is convinced that the man that the police have in custody is the real killer, all the while the thoughts, emotions and feelings that the killer is feeding him start to well up in the small town cop and he starts to think that maybe his son is the real killer.

What would have made this film that more compelling was if the director went with this as it fed into the ending instead of the one that was incredibly boring and fell flat on its face. The cop was in denial about his son and as his sanity and grip on reality started to slip (at the hands of the sadistic killer feeding him lines) he was prepared to go after and 'end' his son. What we are left with is both lame and dull as the cop finds out that the killer set up the son and at the same time, he has his trigger finger on the kid (whew, that was close one). Pan to awkward man hug in the woods, roll credits.

Entertaining but hardly ground breaking (the many similarities between this film and Silence of the Lambs was too much to overlook), Antibodies is worth a rent but not a repeat viewing.

Cortez the Killer


Complaint Dept said...

And, so, when do the "antibodies" come in?

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Those Germans and their fluttering man parts!