Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Upcoming dopiness

If you have not heard about the upcoming film "Teeth", perhaps you should look into it. It sounds both stupid as shit and totally awesome. It's about a girl with a tooth lined vagina that bites off pee-pees. Or at least, that's part of the story.

As you can see by the two posters here (the t-shirt one is the original used when it debuted at Sundance and the bathtub is the "new" one for wider release) it looks like it went from being a comedy to a horror movie. So maybe it's both. It went over really well at Sundance, but then, what doesn't? Those yuppie fucks will laud anything deemed "art" by Sundance.

I know nothing about the movie industry or the actual festival, but so what.

Either way, it sounds fucking ridiculous, but at least it's not a remake. I predict it will be mediocre - funny social commentary perhaps (not sure on what) and some nice cheap gore effects involving ding-dongs. But do you need anything more than ding-dong gore? Really, I think not. Bravo man-eating vagina movie. Bravo.

-Complaint Department

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