Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Suicide Club (2002)

Fear- 2/5
Gore- 3/5
Entertainment- 5/5 first half; 0/5 for the second
Creepiness- 3/5
Nightmares- 2/5

Wow, talk about a complete mind fuck of a movie. With Japanese horror movies, there are always added elements that need to be taken into consideration when watching them. Namely you have to pay attention to the subtitles explicitly as they are very easy to get lost in translation. Not too mention, it helps to know a little bit about the culture as well. Most Japanese horror films have some aspect of the culture in it or they are making a direct commentary on it. I have a cousin that lives and works in Japan so I am a little versed in the culture and its rigidity.

Suicide Club opens startlingly enough with a group of school girls, hands clasped together in a line near the edge of a subway rail. In a moment of 'red rover, red rover-ness', they each count as the train nears the station. They time the entrance of the train and each one meet their splattery demise at the hands of the steel machine. Blood is strewn everywhere and things kickoff with one of the most shocking scenes to start a movie that I've seen.

After this, everything else is one downhill slope after another. So this much can be deciphered: school kids all over are committing suicide and a mysterious website keeps the tally of boys and girls that do so. Police are dumbfounded as to why these school kids are seemingly killing themselves in such a carefree manner (some of the scenes are downright creepy, looking as if they are taking joy in what they were actually doing).

A little more becomes obvious through the movie (with the little knowledge that I have about Japanese culture and society). These kids are forming these clubs to make a statement because of the strict social lives they lead: go to school, come home, listen to the same cookie cutter pop music, be subservient to parental and authority figures, yadda yadda. What seems to work so well, and what was entertaining until about half way through, is incredibly derailed by the total left handed turn this movie makes about midway through.

Maybe its my puny mind (which could very well be the case) but when the fuck did the transvestite with mutilated bodies in a bowling alley suddenly show up and have anything to do with the proceedings? I literally thought I had too much wine watching the flick, passed out and awoke to find another movie was playing. I hit rewind on the remote to make sure and low and behold, this is how the movie actually transitioned. I could not tell if he was the mastermind behind the clubs and website (i.e. society would not accept him for who he was) or what. If any of you faithful readers have a clue, let me know. Some good gore and shocking sequences but goddamn if this movie did not end on one of the weirdest notes ever.

Cortez the Killer

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