Friday, November 2, 2007

Ghost Adventures (2007)

Fear 0/5
Gore 0/5
Entertainment 0/5
Creepiness 0/5
Nightmares 0/5

Ghost Adventures is supposedly a documentary that is very much in the same vein as the SciFi program Ghost Hunters. It's fair, I think, to call it a cheap rip-off. It's done by a couple dudes who took their camcorders and infrared cameras out to some "haunted" spots in the Nevada desert. There they "capture" proof of ghosts including an "apparition" that walks in front of their camera, a shadowy figure that peeks it's head around a corner, voices and flying objects. They also interview a lot of creepy desert people.

The success of this film (term used lightly) depends almost entirely on the audience's existing belief in the supernatural and ghosts. But it also relies heavily on the assumption that people who do believe in the supernatural are completely devoid of any reason or logical thinking. They bring their footage to a couple people whom we are led to believe are experts in their fields and who cannot disprove that the images captured are NOT of ghosts. This includes a film editing expert named Slim Ritchie and some physics professor at UNLV with an amazing bowl haircut.

Here's a bit of how the "confirmation" goes: Slim Ritchie reviews the footage of a walking apparition, runs some software that no one in the audience knows anything about and claims that the footage was not altered and that no special effects were used. This is a bit like taking a glass of cloudy mystery liquid, holding it against a shiny silver box and claiming that your "poison detector" says it's safe to drink. Very few of us regular people know what your software is Mr. Ritchie so I can't buy your claim. You might as well perform some magic tricks for me while your at it because I'm going to be just as convinced.

This is the problem with "ghost hunting" in general. For example...If you watch Ghost Hunters regularly (like I do), you know that EMF Detectors are used regularly to find where ghost activity may be. The thought is that higher EMFs are a strong indicator of the presence of a ghost. This is the thought because we are TOLD it is the thought. Had you not been told this and Jason Hawes said "Hey I'm getting a high EMF here" the audience would think "hmmm, must be near something that is producing a high EMF". In order for the trick to work, you are expected to be blinded and dazzled by the words "Electro-Magnetic Field Detector" and forget that ALL IT DOES is detect high and low EMFs. That's it. A high EMF in a particular area could be for a LOT of reasons (and giving credit where credit is due, the bro-skis on Ghost Hunters often make note of that). For example, a high EMF could be due to a light switch around the corner.

People who truly want to believe in ghosts also tend to subscribe to the following pattern of thinking: Something happens that I did not expect or that is outside of what I normally experience as real. Instead of finding repeatable ways to explain what happened using tools that are designed for that purpose, I will instead take pieces of electronics and use them in ways that they are not intended to be used and further confuse myself. Then, having come to no further conclusion, I will decide that since I cannot explain it, it must be a ghost.

THAT is the main difference between someone who is really interested in UNDERSTANDING the "supernatural" and someone who believes that the unexplained are the spirits of dead people. I fall very much in the former category which is why I found Ghost Adventures to be so insulting (as well as tremendously boring).

And frankly, I don't believe that the evidence they "captured" is real. Not for one second. I think they faked it all. Look at it like this - what if YOU captured this stuff on camera and really thought you had some great evidence of the supernatural.? Would you start working with scientists and other smart people to try and figure out what was happening? Or would you wrap your footage up in some nifty packaging, sell it as a DVD, manufacture other merchandise to go with it (T-shirts, hats, etc.) and get people like Robin Leech and Maury Povich to pitch it (go to Ghost Adventures MySpace page to see more of this)?

Bottom line: this is either a totally fake mockumetary (in which case my opinion is totally different) or it's just the same old bullshit charlatans, fakes, psychics, mediums and other con-artists have been pushing for hundreds of years. Either way, I want that hour and a half of my life back.

- Complaint Department


Anonymous said...

what a whiner! you if you don't believe most of that stuff, then why do you watch it. so you can write about how much you hated on your blog?! get a life.

Anonymous said...

haha ghost adventures was the funniest thing I've ever seen on scifi. totally fake.

Anonymous said...

How can I watch it?
I can't find it anywhere. I'm hearing all these people saying that its fake and shit, and other people saying that is it real, well how do I know if I can't watch it!
If anyone knows e-mail me at

Anonymous said...

there's always that "What if?"....this was real evidence?.....if they faked it, they are f-in geniuses cause I'm a grown man and this show scared the peepee outta me and caused me to have nightmares 2 nights after I watched it!

Anonymous said...

this documentary was awesome! :0 .......don't be a whiny hater cause they now getting their own show on Travel Channel supposed to Premiere in October...I can't wait!...Ghost Hunters is getting so boring to watch they will bury them

Anonymous said...

real or fake it scared the bejesus outta me

Anonymous said...

The guy spends like a half an hour analyzing the brick and wooden plank that lifted off the ground in that Desert creepy place. I saw no fishing wire or n e thing for that matter lifting those objects, and I watched it a few times bcuz I thought it was so crazy. Please lend me ur insight, what could be used to fake that scenario. There were no people over there, that shit was crazy. perhaps u should be more open minded:)

Anonymous said...

The entire thing was clearly contrived. It just seems all too convenient. These guys on their first attempts to find a ghost or two end up with a full-body apparition as well as a brick being thrown? I don't buy it. I also thought that when the professor said the brick would require a rather thick string, which would be seen was quite telling. That made me think 'he is assuming the brick is heavy and that it is indeed a brick and not a fake'. There were a lot of assumptions made. The most idiotic of assumptions was when the announcer would make claims such as the orbs equating to a spirit woman trying to touch him. He didn't even entertain the notion it was dust or something else. It was poorly researched and very poorly executed and that is why it cannot be trusted as a reliable documentation. These people are glory hounds seeking out a reputation and they fail miserably by the very standards for good research. Maybe if I put my own video expert on retainer then I could prove anything I want...? We don't know if Slim is paid, what his interest is with these people and all that would be required is to have someone else besides the same guy for every case! Just silly and people believing this are gullible.

Anonymous said...

u can't speculate that this stuff is fake or real unless you are really there to experience shut the hell up!

Anonymous said...

GA is crap and if you beleive it you should see the videos by a guy on youtube. his id there is "tapps47" go look into it. it is all fake.

Anonymous said...

what with all the yelling and screaming and running away what a joke. face what happing like gh, need to cancaled this one what a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

WTF?! Get a fuckign life and stop staying at home all day analyzing ghost videos to debunk. I think you got anal raped by a ghost and are now suffering from ghost-envy because it has a bigger penis than you will ever have externally (Internally is a whole different matter and will be discussed in your next retarded blog about "debunking entertainment shows that have paranormal themes"

-_-" SIGH!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're guilty of the same thing. You complain about the evidence presented as being fake but offer no evidence of your own to prove it. What you have stated is nothing but opinion.

We all had some sort of unexplained events. I had my fathers picture, that was sitting on my entertainment center (IN A PICTURE FRAME THAT LEANS BACK), fall forward on the 1st anniversary of his death. Several other pictures were along side of it but didn't move.

Why don't you try submitting proof that it's fake? Better yet, quit watching!

Anonymous said...

My man, quit your, freaking whining and post a video that shows that everything that they have shown on series is fake.

I can't give you credit for just saying it's fake. For that matter, your words are as pointless as their videos are.

As matter of fact, in today's world even if the shots had a "Papal" seal of authenticity no one would believe anyways.

Anonymous said...

yea its funny how you say you like ghost hunters but this is gh is garbage these guys are the real deal.. met them before totally legit guys this tool is just mad they actually are real ghost hunters and he is a wanna be you say you lost and hour and a half.. next time use the time to get laid.. if you can

Planet of Terror said...

This his hilarious. I guess Anonymous gets paid to post comments on posts that were done over two years ago. I hope you get paid to do this.