Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fido (2006)

Fear 0/5
Gore 2/5
Entertainment 4/5
Creepiness 0/5
Nightmares 0/5

A heart warming (yes I used that word on a horror blog) tale about a boy and his dog, er I mean zombie, Fido focuses on 1950's life after an atomic cloud consumes the earth. Apparently the cloud enveloped the earth, which caused dead bodies to rise from the grave. The massive number of reanimated bodies were fought back by military forces in what was called the Great Zombie war. During the midst of the conflict, a doctor developed a zombie doggie collar which rendered them docile and the obedient servants of humans and the mass production of zombie slaves was born with a company called Zomcon.

A boy, who by all accounts receives no attention or even a bat of the eye from dear old mom and dad, becomes increasingly attached to his zombie pal. After the great war, zombies became sort of the everyday worker, delivering milk, taking on the job of postal workers and also delivering the daily paper. Zombies fit into every day society and make one ask 'What would life be like without one?' Filling the role of butler, maid, and child carer, zombies are accessory items that every family had to have.

The last family on the block to obtain one (to keep up with the Joneses of course) did so to keep their lonely son entertained. Seen as more of an annoyance rather than a blessing, the little boy quickly grows fond of the zombie who ironically is more of a father figure than his own pops who acts the part of a zombie: golfing every day with his drinking buddy, pays no attention to lonely wife and son, caught up in his own life and interests, etc. When the subdued zombie goes AWOL after his collar malfunctions, and he ends up killing a neighbor, an all out village monster hunt ensues to capture him and turn him into zombie dust.

The wife, played wonderfully by the hottie boom body from
the Matrix, actually falls for the zombie as he shows more human-like characteristics and emotions than her own main squeeze. The zombie shows more interest and care for her son than she could ever hope for with her male counterpart. It is in this relationship that she herself begins to fall for the charms of this loveable creature.

Edward Scissorhands, part Old Yeller, Fido is an amusing and entertaining film. Its hardly what I would call a horror film (although there are a few scenes of gore). But it is certainly charming(another word hard pressed to find on this blog) and it would definitely be a fun watch on a Friday night with your sweetie. Definitely recommended.

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Gonzalo Del Rosario said...

I watched FIDO one night I returned back home from a party (4 a.m. or something)and I was so high that I never thought that such a beautiful film could exists.