Friday, August 3, 2007

Horror News Story of the Day

Sadly, there are no pictures from the scene. Gnarly indeed.,,2-2004092008,00.html

Cortez the Killer


the fucking beard said...

someone will probably tell me that the sun is a fake paper making this post pointless, but all the same i'm calling bullshit on this.

a tarantula wouldn't make a web on the ceiling
snakes wouldn't eat parts of him, they only eat whole animals. they do not scavage.
spiders wouldn't take pieces of meat, even if they are bird spiders. like the snakes they only eat meat if they hunt it.
the heating elements of TWO tanks exploded allowing animals to escape? seriously?

Complaint Department said...

You and your education can suck it brainiac. Most people deserve to be eaten by spiders, why ruin my fantasy. What's next - no Santa? No Jesus? Come on man.