Friday, August 3, 2007

Drive Thru (2007)

Fear: 1/5
Gore: 5/5
Entertainment: 5/5
Creepiness: 1/5
Nightmares: 5/5 (if you are scared of clowns)

I can not write a serious review of this movie, no matter how hard I try. Because you know what? This movie does not take itself seriously at all. Instead what you get is a paint by numbers slasher flick that is high on cheese, gore and ridiculously bad acting--and it makes no apologies for it.

Drive Thru is set in a fictional, Orange County-style city amusedly called Blanca Carne (I'm sure even the most primitive of Spanish language understanding readers can translate that one). The teens that rule the town, the hipsters, the stoners, the wanna be gang bangers, are all being hunted by the mascot of their local, favorite fast food chain called Hella Burger. What is the name of this killer mascot? Wait for it-------Horny D Clown. Yes kids, watch out, Horny D Clown is on the prowl and he looks like a cross between Bozo and a Power Ranger.

So why is this beloved mascot running around town, killing off the teenagers of a group of parents that all used to be friends in high school? Pretty obvious midway through the movie as this and other slasher cliches are dispensed throughout. But what makes this movie so great, from the opening scene, is that you know straight from that start it is not taking itself seriously.

So sit back, relax, be ready to laugh your ass off and rejoice in the bloodbath that is Drive Thru. A lot of fun to watch, some ingenious methods of victim disposal, and a funny cameo by this dude.

Cortez the Killer

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