Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bad Reputation (2005)

Fear 0/5

Gore 3/5

Entertainment 3/5

Creepiness 0/5

Nightmares 0/5

Rip Off Potential 5/5

Bad Reputation is a revenge horror themed slice of pie much like I Spit on Your Grave minus the all-too-real brutal and graphic content. It focuses on a girl that is an outcast of her local high school (think Carrie) that is one day out of the blue 'befriended' by the big man on campus. He tries to woo his way into her underpants by coaxing her into going to a party that is being held in honor of cool kids everywhere. The girl, never one to be invited to anything or even so much as acknowledged at school, becomes a goofily giddy gal and can't wait to participate in the evenings festivities.
After school, she makes a mad dash to prepare for the evenings events, stopping by the store on the way home to buy the necessary 'hey look at me I'm a teenage gal in much need of attention' dress. She returns home and tells her mom the exciting news only to be cursed for buying a whorish dress and wanting too much to try and fit in with all the cool kids (again, think of the crazy mother in Carrie). She tells her mom off and gleefully exits the house, frolicking into the night and on her way to her first experience of adolescent partying and partaking of excessive chemical consumption.
She parties with the jock, becomes incredibly intoxicated and it is at this point in the movie, that you know exactly what is going to happen next. Mister big shot on campus slips her a roofie, whispers sweet nothings and takes her into his room with his buddies that trail close behind. They have their way with her while she desperately tries in vain to ward off all attempts. Afterwards, she is further humiliated when the school douchebag tells everyone that it was her that came onto him and all the kids hog tie her to a tree. The next day at school, it becomes apparent that she is no longer Miss Sally Goody Two Shoes and she is now out for blood.
This movie contains so many elements of both Carrie and I Spit on Your Grave that its hard to decide if its actual worship of both of these films or just a blatant rip off. As a result, its hard to get into this movie because there are so many blaring similarities. Its definitely entertaining to watch and there is a fair amount of gore. But what this movie fails to do is to completely deliver on both its shock value and its ability to totally disturb you for weeks. Entertaining? Yes. Original? Not by a long shot. Go see the aforementioned flicks before even touching Bad Reputation if you have not already done so. But good gracious the female lead in this movie is totally gorgeous. Sweet Jesus.

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