Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ghost Hunters Season Premiere (2007)

Fear: 1/5
Gore: 0/5
Creepiness: 2/5
Entertainment: 4/5
Nightmares: 1/5

Let's just assume that you are reading this because you have seen the Sci-Fi original series that for three seasons now has focused more on the Ghosthunters bickering amongst themselves more than it has on hunting ghosts, so let me just jump to the highlights:

Steve Gonsalves had to stay behind in the states due to his fear of flying. This is unfortunate seeing as how he is the only member of the team besides Grant Wilson who doesn't make me want to punch myself in the face.

Case #1 - Lisheen Ruins - Ireland

A nice little site of ruins out in the Irish countryside that is basically a hollowed out, overgrown with ivy stone structure. The ruins are supposedly a site full of fairies, which in Ireland aren't the nice cute little "Fern Gully" type, they are more like what we would call goblins. Mean, evil little dudes.

- Grant sits in an area of surrounding forest called a "wrath" and when he thinks he sees objects appear around him says "my first thought was 'Am I experiencing fairy activity?' - I don't know".

- Brian Harnois goes underground beneath the structure and proceeds to absolutely freak out about spiders.

- Grant and Jason train the Thermal Camera on Brian and another investigator walking through the Wrath and pickup first one, then three human shaped heat signatures following behind the team. Ghosts? Um, how about people walking around in the woods messing with them? Strange that they don't even consider this possibility.

- The crew picks up audio of heavy shoes walking on a wood floor in the ruins, which is interesting since there is no wood anywhere, only stone walls remain.

- The crew also caught an image on camera in the woods that they say is a face, but I can't make that out at all. They are really stretching things these days.

Case #2 - Viaduct Tavern - England

For our second case the crew goes to an old tavern that was built over a 18th century debters prison. You got a basement full of bankrupt ghosts and a third floor with a resident hooker ghost. Sweet.

- The crew seems to have picked up on calling each other "Bro" in England.

- While exploring the old debters prison in the basement, Grant climbs into the tiny 2x3 foot cell (that's right, 2 by 3 feet) and makes his second brillian quote for the evening with "I can't imagine why if you were dead you would hang around in an area like that", referring to the awful conditions in the basement. So, by that logic then Hawaii should be chok-full of ghosts and Florida, Debt Prison basements and all Waffle Houses should be devoid of spirit activity.

Not much came from this investigation other than Brian getting chastized for being too gruff when talking to dead English hookers.

Stay tuned for next week! And also check out the show "Destination Truth" that comes on after Ghost Hunters, because the guy who hosts it is the biggest pop-culture slinging douchebag cryptozoologist ever. It's totally fantastic.

- the fucking beard


Whisper Boutique said...

I watched this episode last night and thought the "fairy" one was really creepy. I was also wondering why they didn't mention the possibility of just people walking behind their guys until I saw how small they were compared to the others in front. Weird. My favorite episode so far has been the lighthouse one where they see the figure at the top peering down at them. Oh, and I agree about the whole bickering thing. Lame. They should definitely get rid of Harnois. As a viewer I can't stand to hear him voice any opinions or "experiences" he thinks he's had like when he thought his hand had been touched in the Tavern last night.

Caitlin said...

I thought the Lisheen Ruins were fascinating, but I do believe they stated a couple of times that they moved out towards the three heat signatures to see what it was and could only find the very faint signatures of the cattle in the distance and nothing else, ie no people because earlier in the night, they did see a figure that they realised was one of the sound guys walking around. That's not to say that it couldn't have just been a shoddy search or possible lie, but I do remember them saying they moved out to those points and found nothing.

If you get a chance to see the "face" again though, you can kind of make out the side of a face as if someone were shining a flashlight from below and to the side of a man's face so that only the lower side is silhouetted--the chin, cheekbones, side of a nose--and the rest isn't.

Again, not to say that it is a face, just that if you look closely (I had to see it three times before I did) you can maybe imagine the "face" they're saying they see.

Overall, I loved the Lisheen Ruins...but the Viaduct Tavern seemed like a cop-out.

Loiwra348 said...

I just saw a repeat of this show the other night, which inspired me to do a little research on the place and the episode. I do agree with some of you, the face was very hard to make out also, however, I dont know what else it could be. Regarding the three warm spots following their guys, I like how everyone disregarded the fact that a.) one blob spilt into 3 (i.e. i dont know what human can do that) and b.) they quickly dissapeared......if it was an animal or person playing a joke on them, their body heat would not just dissapear into thin air. This isnt the predator here or anything. I think that despite bickering and what not, Taps is finds reasoning for everything, and most likely would have thought it was an animal or human if the blob of heat stayed stationary, and could see it running away.
Think people.

Jewcifer said...

lol. people are so dumb