Saturday, May 26, 2007


The review of Takashi Miike's Imprint has been updated.

The trailer for Severance is getting a lot of airplay and the film opens in the U.S. pretty soon. I've heard mixed reviews, but I'll check it out.
Here's the trailer.

And the remake machine rolls on. This time around, Rob Zombie has remade Halloween. Being very disappointed by both House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects, I have low low expectations, especially when the trailer says it "reinvents" a screen legend and uses the word "extreme" more than once. There's no need to remake it. It's a flawless film and what makes it so great is that it is NOT extreme. It's, esentially, a bloodless horror film that made up for it's low budget and lack of special effects by using subtle ways to scare. And it's fun and doesn't take itself too seriously. So we'll see, but I'm already saying Zombie's "renivention" sucks.

Finally, while we're speaking of remakes, how the hell did I miss this??

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Cortez the Killer said...

Holy crap! How did I miss that too??

Severance looks cool.

Your review has my comment awaiting. Aborted baby tossing anyone???

Cortez out