Friday, May 11, 2007

Office Killer (1997)

Fear: 2
Gore: 4
Creepiness: 5
Entertainment: 5
Nightmares: 2

Talk about a pleasant surprise. For the longest time I've wondered why I've been wasting my money on premuim cable channels (i.e. HBO, Showtime). They always play the same five movies all month long. Most of the time its garbage but every now and then there is that hidden gem.
Office Killer stars Carol Kane (When a Strangers Calls) as Dorine Davis, a quiet loner who works as a proofreader for a magazine company. She comes in, does her job, and no one seems to acknowledge her existence. She lives with her mother, pulling double duty as caretaker and maid. By all accounts, she is truly a lonely person. No friends, no social life and the only thing that she has to live for is her job. Even though she does not have any real social relationships with the people that she works with, it seems that her working relationship that she has with them is what gives her comfort.
Take away the one thing that keeps everything together for her, and all hell breaks loose. She loses her grip on reality when she loses her job due to company downsizing. She does not know how to cope with this loss and she begins a downward spiral after accidentally killing one of her coworkers. One by one, coworkers, cub scouts, people that she meets, all become unsuspecting victims. To help her cope with her loneliness, she stores the bodies in her mother's basement, reattaching limbs and taping open wounds.
What makes this character so frightening is just how quiet, soft spoken, and unassuming she is. Have you ever had a work place conversation about that coworker who keeps to themselves? Have you taken bets on who would be most likely to show up with an AK-47 if they were ever to be fired? What becomes truly disturbing is how she interacts with the group of corpses that she keeps in the basement and the great lengths she goes to when trying to keep them intact as they slowly begin to rot. This flick became an instant classic with me and just redeemed Showtime a little more in my book. Definitely check this out.

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