Thursday, May 10, 2007

Night of the Dead (2006)

Fear: 0
Gore: 5
Creepiness: 1
Entertainment: 5
Nightmares: 0
Directed by one of the Masters of Horror series directors, Night of the Dead focuses on a doctor obsessed with re-animating dead tissue and bringing stiffs back to life. After losing his wife and daughter to a hit and run accident, he has dedicated his life to figuring out a way to bring back the dead through the creation of multiple serums. He uses his concoctions to bring back his wife and daughter who are now locked up at his facility. Even though he now has his wife and daughter back, he can not quite make them happy as they are tired of the 'table scraps' of his experiments and they yearn to see the outside world again (even though it is obvious that something just ain't right with them). Things change when a couple brings in their ailing daughter, having mistaken the facility for a real hospital. The daughter, through a series of blood transfusions and injections of the serum, becomes a zombie of sorts and runs amock through the hospital.
A side story that plays out through the course of the flick keeps you guessing all the way until the end. The doctor's nephew helps him run the facility, slicing, dicing and poking and prodding the lifeless bodies. The nephew keeps his pregnant wife holed up in her room at the facility, giving her 'vitamins' to make the baby 'healthier'. He continuely tells her that the facility is the best place to give birth and not a real hospital. She is told that no family can be present for the birth and that she can never leave her room. Only in the end, does it become apparent as to why she was held like a prisoner.

The cover of this movie boasts it being more shocking than the Re-animator. I would'nt call it very shocking in as much as it is extremely gory. This is probably one of the goriest movies that I've seen in a long time. The acting is totally campy but its to be expected with this type of movie. Overall its very entertaining and if you love a copious amount of blood and guts as much as I do, there is enough here to make you happier than a kid in a candy store. Its fun, its silly, its way over the top in gore factor, and its a perfect popcorn movie for a Friday night (unless of course you have a light stomach).

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