Monday, April 30, 2007

Unrest (2006)

Fear 0-5: 1

Gore 0-5: 2

Creepiness 0-5: 2

Entertainment 0-5: 1

Nightmare 0-5: 0

Yet another flick in the '8 Movies to Die For' series, Unrest centers on first year med students who have the heebie jeebies when working on their first human dissection. The premise is great: set in a creepy hospital with a hot looking female med student who feels something is amiss with the body her group has been assigned. Weird occurrences and 'feelings' plague the young med student, driving her to the brink of insanity. She becomes so consumed with what happened to this gal, that she does everything in her power to find out where she came from, how she died, and why everyone around her that comes in contact with the stiff meets a perilous fate.

Sounds great right? The problem lies in the really really bad dialogue, a girl that in any other normal circumstances would be considered a paranoid schizophrenic, and a story that makes absolutely no sense. We come to find out that the body came from Brazil, it was possessed by an ancient Aztec god, she committed suicide as a result and her soul can not rest until it is buried in the land from whence she came. Sounds great but the execution was just plain dumb. How the hell this won the best picture in the Chicago festival for horror flicks is beyond me. It must have been the only entry.

Posted by: Cortez the Killer

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Fear: 1, Gore: 2, Creepiness: 3, Entertainment: 2, Nightmares: 0

OK, so I did not dislike this film the way Cortez the Killer did, but I will agree that it shouldn't have won any awards. The film was obviously pretty low budget, but still was able to pull off some gruesome gore effects. The cadavers were pretty gross (and despite the trailer's claim that real bodies were used, I haven't been able to find anything online to confirm that...unless "real bodies" means real live actors) and some of the dissection scenes were a bit icky. Additionally there are some scenes where the students have to "fish" floating cadavers from a large plexi-glass container using giant dental hooks and that bothered me for some reason - possibly because the guy who wrote and directed the film was, supposedly, a med student who tried to make these scenes as real as possible. Again, who knows if any of this stuff actually happens.

I also liked that the ghosts or whatever that were fuckin' shit up never materialized which could have been bad. And here I'll disagree with Cortez and say that the premise was not a good one - it was dopey. The execution, however, wasn't bad. The atmosphere was there, the acting was passable (the dialogue was bad, that's for sure) and the tension level rose a few times making things interesting. But the ending was just too, what the fuck?

- Complaint Dept

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