Sunday, April 29, 2007

Turistas (2006)

Fear 0 - 5: 1
Gore 0 - 5: 3
Creepiness 0 - 5: 0
Entertainment 0 - 5: 2
Nightmare 0 - 5: 0

I should have fucking known better. I have been let down more oftentimes than not by reviews given by Fangoria magazine.

There have been many comparisons made to Hostel and some have remarked that movies like this, are signaling a return to 'extreme' horror (some even going so far as to say that its a harken back to the 1970's). Hostel had its moments but on the whole, the characters are what drove me nuts while watching it. Completely devoid of any substance and acting like they were casted for the next Real World 25. I was severly annoyed that the first hour of the movie was these douchebags running around trying to find any chick to sleep with. I thought it was a really bad remake of Porky's but with more gore. But the torture scenes were great and creative so the flick definitely redeemed itself with this reviewer in the end.

Much like Hostel, Turistas concerns a group of horny, American college kids that drink alcohol like its the cure for diabetes. The scene is Brazil instead of eastern Europe and the kids are of the same mold as the 3 jerkoffs in Hostel only multiply that number by 3. The kids drink to a stupor every night only to find out that they are actually being 'poisoned' by the inhabitants of surrounding villages. There are a few good scenes of gory goodness as we come to find out that the villagers are organ harvesters, preying on retarded college kids. Again, like Hostel, Turistas had its moments but there was nothing at all to really redeem this in the end. Its hard to recommend this but I've seen worse.

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