Thursday, April 26, 2007

HellBent (2005)

Fear 0 - 5: 0
Gore 0 - 5: 1
Creepiness 0 - 5: 0
Entertainment 0 - 5: 0
Nightmare 0 - 5: 0

The idea of this movie intrigued me based on the hoopla it received being billed as the first gay slasher movie. That is pretty much the only thing going for this steamy pile of shit. Its a pretty standard by the numbers slasher flick, with no ingenious methods of victim dispensing and extremely annoying characters.

The movie centers on a group of friends, frolicking around town during a Halloween carnival, while avoiding a killer with a scythe that looks like a mexican
luchador. And that's pretty much fucking it. Avoid this shit at all costs.

Posted by: Cortez the Killer

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