Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Andre The Butcher (2005)

Fear 0 - 5: 0
Gore 0 - 5: 5
Creepiness 0 - 5: 0
Entertainment 0 - 5: 5
Nightmare 0 - 5: 0

This is one of those flicks that catches your eye while perusing the never ending walls of new releases at BlockBuster. The kind of cover art that screams 'rent' me only to be completely disappointed as it evolves into B movie suckitude. This movie totally advertised itself as being serious based on the cover art and the description on the back. The seriousness which is advertised on the box completely devolves into ridiculously good B movie fare within the first opening minutes of the flick. Let's go down the list of things that makes this an instant classic with me:

1. Campy dialogue and humor- check

2. Gratuitous gore and sex- check

3. Dumb as shit teenagers who lack common sense- check

4. Death metal soundtrack- check

5. A completely unexpected 'celebrity' appearance- check

This should be an instant cult classic and the perfect Friday night movie to watch with friends and laugh your ass off. I won't give away the main character's real name but I will provide you with this hint: it rhymes with Don Leremy.

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